A season long free cyling game based on the real races. Build your team by selecting 11 riders and compete with other players in different competitions and leagues.

The Very Important But Simple Rules


The game consists of building a team of eleven pro-cyclist which gain points by riding races during the season.


You can build two teams, a fixed one which cannot be changed during the season and a dynamic one which can be changed during the season. The fixed team is for the players who like cycling but don't want to change their team during the season. The dynamic team is for the players who love cycling and want to update their team during the season. There are seperate competitions for both teams.


Your team is automatically entered in the Cobblestone League with all the other teams but you can setup a league of your own with your friends.


You cannot win any prizes except for the next rule. This Fantasy Game is just for fun and best of all completely free. No hidden subscriptions or limited stuff, completely free.

Eternal Fame

Every stage winner gets a picture of his shaved, or unshaved (for the amateurs among us) legs posted on the site. If you don't have such a picture, any other picture will do :-). But please keep it clean.


Everybody with a valid e-mail address can enter the game. A team is linked to an e-mail address. So if you want to have more than one team, you'll need more than one e-mail address. Logic itself.


The list of riders is obtained from cqranking and dates from the end of previous cycling season.


There is no rule six. Bruce, I repeat, No rule SIX.


The game consists of seven competitions and a total result. Each competition has a different symbol. And of course, fixed and dynamic teams are also in different competitions.

More riders

Each team consists of 11 riders.


Points are awarded after every race or stage.


Since Harelbeke is my adopted hometown, you can earn double points for the E3-Prijs in Harelbeke.


If the rider out of the TOP-300 wins ANY points, these points are doubled. (rider 11 in your team)


If a rider of your team doesn't start or end the race, then that's your problem. No late changes to your team are allowed


You can enter the game at any time. Of course your points will start counting from the day after you joined, not for races in the past.


Team Time Trials are not a part of the game.

Sacking riders

You will have a chance to change your team during the season at the different periods.


On the teamswitch days you cannot, I repeat NOT, make changes to your team. The teamswitch day starts at 00:00 CET (midnight) and ends at 24:00 CET (midnight). So Americans keep an eye on the clock and the calendar. (Aussies have an advantage here)


Riders caught for doping offenses do NOT loose their points. This is for two reasons. First because it takes too long before a rider is convicted and secondly because the media is too frequently the judge in these cases.

Current Competition Leaders

Overall competiton


World Tour Day Races (Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix, ...)

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World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)


Giro d'Italia

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Tour de France

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Vuelta de España

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Semi-Classic day-races (Kuurne ...)

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Semi-Classic stage-races (Tour of Britain, ...)

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News & Updates

2019-01-20 08:04:48

Race results for all players in Cobblestone League

World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)  Australia Tue 15-Jan-19 Santos Tour Down Under

# Points Gap Team - Player
1 Spain 594    avi88 [Valverde_avi]
2 Netherlands 550 -44  De Smid [Rijdende_Renners_2019]
3 Cayman Islands 473 -121  braizz [VigoWKY]
3 Belgium 473 -121  Patrick Bruyneel [coach]
3 Spain 473 -121  Bitossi [Bitossi]
3 United States 473 -121  Rawlings [Flying Bats]
3 Kazakhstan 473 -121  alastair leith [clembuterol wheelers]
3 Ireland 473 -121  Philip [Nolte Racing]
3 United States 473 -121  Bender [Les Insectes Cyclistes]
3 Netherlands 473 -121  Dirk Kwakkel [Team Kwak]

2019-01-20 08:03:19

Race results for all players in Cobblestone League

World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)  Australia Sun 20-Jan-19 TDU6 : McLaren Vale – Willunga Hill

# Points Gap Team - Player
1 Norway 70    Nyssinator [Bolebike]
1 Denmark 70    Æ Manager [Æ Gewinner]
1 United States 70    Greg [Team Smithser]
1 Netherlands 70    Rutgervdd [Dikkenberg Pro Cycling]
1 United States 70    John O [The Lions of Flanders]
1 Belgium 70    elias [team courtie 2.0]
1 Netherlands 70    J. van Wouw [Sjonnie]
1 Netherlands 70    Mario Gavelli [Butu Cycling]
1 Kazakhstan 70    alastair leith [clembuterol wheelers]

2019-01-19 07:29:01

Race results for all players in Cobblestone League

World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)  Australia Sat 19-Jan-19 TDU5 : Glenelg – Strathalbyn

# Points Gap Team - Player
1 Italy 72    Onizuka999 [GTO]
2 Belgium 70 -2  Hoormi [Hitachi]
3 United States 66 -6  BP [Hardmen]
3 Italy 66 -6  Cosimo Cito [Chalet Reynard]
5 Belgium 60 -12  Brecht Goerlandt [Goerrich Haussler]
5 Belgium 60 -12  priscilla himpe [de supappen]
5 Brazil 60 -12  Binkman [The Pain Cave Spelunkers]
5 Norway 60 -12  Luchs [Luchse]
5 Netherlands 60 -12  AnneJ [Dag en Nacht Media Cycling Team]
10 Belgium 51 -21  Baert [De parochiewerkers]

2019-01-18 07:16:21

Race results for all players in Cobblestone League

World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)  Australia Fri 18-Jan-19 TDU4 : Unley – Campbelltown

# Points Gap Team - Player
1 France 75    Canto [Old Trafford Cycling]
1 Nepal 75    fabio [nikawa]
3 Italy 52 -23  Onizuka999 [GTO]
4 Italy 50 -25  pippo [bicibaci]
5 Spain 45 -30  JRA [JRA1]
5 Portugal 45 -30  abraham martinez [Los Tibios]
5 United Kingdom 45 -30  M D S [One Day Wonders]
5 Spain 45 -30  cbmbilbo [cbmbilbo]
5 Australia 45 -30  Larrick [Any Porte in a Storm]
5 United States 45 -30  Ken Critchfield [Cheeseheads]

2019-01-17 05:44:50

Race results for all players in Cobblestone League

World Tour Stage-Races (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné Libéré, ...)  Australia Thu 17-Jan-19 TDU3 : Lobethal – Uraidla

# Points Gap Team - Player
1 France 70    Canto [Old Trafford Cycling]
2 United Kingdom 67 -3  John Hussey [Peddling a Dream]
3 Belgium 55 -15  Marc Van den Bossche [From Antwerp With Love]
3 Spain 55 -15  JRA [JRA1]
3 Netherlands 55 -15  J. Zwijnenburg [JZ-Team]
3 United Kingdom 55 -15  George Carratt [Kingdom Racers]
3 Netherlands 55 -15  De Smid [Rijdende_Renners_2019]
3 Spain 55 -15  merlot [merlot]
3 Spain 55 -15  cbmbilbo [cbmbilbo]
3 Italy 55 -15  Ivano [Mortirolo]

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