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1. Prizes

You can not win any prizes except for rule 2. This Fantasy Game is just for fun.

2. Eternal Fame

Every stage winner gets a picture of his shaved, or unshaved (for the amateurs among us) legs posted on the site. If you don't have such a picture, any other picture will do :-)

3. Who?

Everybody with a valid e-mail address can enter the game.

4. More who ?

A team is linked to an e-mail address. So if you want to have more than one team, you'll need more than one e-mail address. Logic itself.

5. Riders

The list of riders is obtained from CQ Ranking and dates from november 2010. (Thank you Filip Mas & the CQ Ranking Team)

6. Important

There is no rule six. Bruce, I repeat, No rule SIX.

7. Competition

The game consists of seven competitions and a total result. Each competition has a different symbol.

8. More riders

Each team consists of 11 riders.

9. Bonus

If the rider out of the TOP-300 wins ANY points, these points are doubled. (rider 11 in your team)

10. Problem

If a rider of your team doesn't start the race, then that's your problem. You can call him a lazy

11. Points

Points are awarded after every race or stage.

12. Joining

You can enter the game at any time. Of course your points will start counting from the day after you joined, not for races in the past.

13. Exceptions

Team Time Trials in a big tour (like Vuelta or Giro) are not a part of the game.

14. Harelbeke

Since Harelbeke is my adopted hometown, you can earn double points for the E3-Prijs in Harelbeke.

15. Sacking riders

You will have a chance to change your team during the season at the different periods.

16. Warning

On the teamswitch days you can NOT, I repeat NOT, make changes to your team. The teamswitch day starts at 00:00 CET (midnight) and ends at 24:00 CET (midnight). So Americans keep an eye on the clock and the calendar. (Aussies have an advantage here)

17. Doping

Riders caught for doping offenses do NOT loose their points. This is for two reasons. First because it takes too long before a rider is convicted and secondly because the media is too frequently the judge in these cases.

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