Teamswitches will happen on the following dates.

Overall competiton Tue 15-Jan-19 Start of 2019 Season
Switch Tue 16-Jan-18 Start in the sun (Period 1)
Switch Sat 24-Feb-18 Start in Europe (Period 2)
Switch Sun 04-Mar-18 Warming Up (Period 3)
Switch Sat 17-Mar-18 First Monument (Period 4)
Switch Wed 21-Mar-18 Flemish Week (Period 5)
Switch Sun 01-Apr-18 Cobbled Monuments (Period 6)
Switch Wed 11-Apr-18 Walloon Week (Period 7)
Switch Tue 24-Apr-18 Working towards the Giro (Period 8)
Switch Fri 04-May-18 Giro (Period 9)
Switch Sun 03-Jun-18 Working towards the Tour (Period 10)
Switch Sat 07-Jul-18 Tour de France (Period 11)
Switch Sat 28-Jul-18 All over the world (Period 12)
Switch Sat 25-Aug-18 Vuelta (Period 13)
Switch Fri 07-Sep-18 Canadian Weekend (Period 14)
Switch Wed 26-Sep-18 World Championship (Period 15)
Switch Wed 03-Oct-18 Last Monument(Period 16)
Switch Tue 16-Oct-18 For the die hards (Period 17)