Teamswitches will happen on the following dates.

Switch Tue 21-Jan-20 Start in the sun (Period 1)
Switch Wed 05-Feb-20 Overheating in the desert (Period 2)
Switch Sat 29-Feb-20 Almost spring (Period 3)
Switch Sun 08-Mar-20 Warming up (Period 4)
Switch Tue 28-Jul-20 Reboot 1 (Restart, fingers crossed)
Switch Sat 08-Aug-20 Reboot 2 (La Primavera in Estate)
Switch Sat 15-Aug-20 Reboot 3 (The Autumn Classic in Summer)
Switch Mon 24-Aug-20 Reboot 4 (Time for an update and Tour)
Switch Mon 07-Sep-20 Reboot 5 (Something for everybody)
Switch Fri 25-Sep-20 Reboot 6 (World Championships)
Switch Tue 29-Sep-20 Reboot 7 (Hilly Classics And Giro)
Switch Sun 11-Oct-20 Reboot 8 (Flanders and Vuelta)
Switch Sun 25-Oct-20 Reboot 9 (The One Cancelled :( )
Switch Thu 05-Nov-20 Reboot 10 (Bye 2020) (Cancelled)