Teamswitches will happen on the following dates.

Switch Tue 17-Jan-23 All Grand Tours (Separate team selection)
Switch Tue 17-Jan-23 Start in the sun
Switch Sat 25-Feb-23 Continue in the cold
Switch Sun 05-Mar-23 Warming Up
Switch Sat 18-Mar-23 First Monument
Switch Wed 22-Mar-23 De Vlaamse Week
Switch Sun 02-Apr-23 The Cobbled Monuments
Switch Sun 16-Apr-23 The Hilly Monuments
Switch Tue 25-Apr-23 Preparing for the Giro
Switch Wed 10-May-23 Time for some 2_HC
Switch Sun 04-Jun-23 Preparing for the Tour
Switch Sat 22-Jul-23 A time for slow Updates :)
Switch Sun 06-Aug-23 World Championships
Switch Tue 15-Aug-23 Back to Business
Switch Sun 03-Sep-23 Time for some Grand Prix
Switch Wed 20-Sep-23 Strolling along
Switch Sat 07-Oct-23 Closing Time