Teamswitches will happen on the following dates.

This means that you have until the day before midnight CET to update your team. On the day of the switch, no changes to your team are allowed or possible.

Switch Mon 15-Jan-24 All Grand Tours (Separate team selection)
Switch Tue 16-Jan-24 Start in the sun
Switch Sat 24-Feb-24 Continue in the cold
Switch Sun 03-Mar-24 Warming up
Switch Sat 16-Mar-24 First Monument
Switch Wed 20-Mar-24 De Vlaamse Week
Switch Sun 31-Mar-24 The Cobbled Monuments
Switch Sun 14-Apr-24 The Hilly Monument
Switch Tue 23-Apr-24 Preparing for the Giro
Switch Tue 14-May-24 Time for some 2_HC
Switch Sun 02-Jun-24 Preparing for the Tour
Switch Sat 27-Jul-24 The Olympics
Switch Mon 05-Aug-24 Back to Business
Switch Sun 08-Sep-24 World Tour Points
Switch Sun 22-Sep-24 World Championships
Switch Sun 29-Sep-24 Strolling Along
Switch Sat 12-Oct-24 Closing Time
Switch Thu 16-Jan-25 Season 2025